M/S „Allegoria“

Gearless cellular container vessel Type CSBC-5500

MV Analena datasheet
Main details:
abt. 68,000 mtdwat SFB on abt 14.00 m draft
(abt. 50,470 mtdwat on design draft of abt. 12.00 m)
built China Shipbuilding, Kaohsiung/Taiwan 4/2006
class L.R.
66,280/36,284 GT/NT – Portuguese (EU) flag
7 holds – 44 non-sequential pontoon hatch covers (40t)/lashing bridges on deck
abt. 20 knots on abt. 108t LS-IFO380 cst m/engine (plus auxies)
– fitted with bowthruster (2,000 kw)
M/engine: Sulzer 10RT-flex96C – 54,926 kw
Aux/engines: 4 MAN B+W 7L27/38 abt. 2,100 kw each
loa 275.80 m – beam 40.00 m
Container details:
5,527 TEU (i.e. 4,843 TEU + 342 FEU) resp. 2,726 FEU + 75 TEU
up to 9 tiers in holds (whereof one tier can be high cube)
aft-most stack on deck is designed for 40’ units only
Able: up to 850 units 45’
stability: abt. 4,200 TEU at 14 t homog. On scantling draft
cellular in holds
500 reefer plugs on deck
permissible stack weights: 20’ 40’
deck/hatches: 80t 110t per stack point load
holds: 24t 30.5t each 20/40’ container
MV Allegoria
MV Allegoria
MV Allegoria
MV Allegoria
MV Allegoria plan