M/S „Öland“

Gearless cellular ice classed container feeder vessel Typ 172

MV Oeland Datasheet
Main details:
abt. 8,700 tdwat SFB on abt 7.46 m draft
built JJ Sietas, Hamburg 6/2003
class GL+100A5 – ice E3
7,519/3,570 GT/NT – Portuguese (EU) flag
abt. 18.0 knots on abt 31.0t IFO 380 cst
– fitted with shaftgenerator + bowthruster
M/engine: MAK 9M43 – 8,400 kW
Aux/engines: 2 Caterpillar 534 kW each
loa 136.30m – beam 21.30m
Container details:
822 TEU resp. 378 FEU + 66 TEU
stowage: 226 TEU hold / 596 TEU hatch
Able: 30`/ 45`
stability: abt. 516 TEU at 14t homog.
cellular in holds / partly cellularized on deck
150 reefer plugs (whereof 50 reefer plugs in holds)
maximum stack weights: 20′ 30′ 40′
deck hatch 1+2: 50t 60t 80t
deck hatch 3+4: 60t 60t 90t
hold hatch 1+2: 96t 96t (only h. 2) 136t
hold hatch 3+4: 90t 96t 100t
M/V Öland
M/V Öland
M/V Öland

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