About us

“All is ship-shape at Danz und Tietjens”

During the post-war period Karl-Heinrich Danz ran the company on the basis of a principle appreciated by many but which may well have been sneered at by some begrudgers. And the tenet still applies today: maintenance counts!

K.H. Danz was meticulous in ensuring that not only were his vessels well kept and painted to the highest standards of excellence, but that the technical aspects of the ship were always extremely well maintained. He personally looked after his crew on board in the same way as after his staff ashore. He also ensured that he was a reliable partner for both his customers and suppliers.

This attention to detail – the mark of a good private shipping company – is an important part of the corporate philosophy and is still inscribed on the flag of the Danz und Tietjens Shipping Group. The trust in their own quality is reflected in the high degree of ownership in the ships. Today the company is still family run in the 3rd generation by Joerg Jacobsen and Capt. Hendrik Danz.

Another manifestation of this attention to quality is the fact that all of the company’s own ships are entered in the German Registry of Shipping, are ISM/ISPS certified and fly only first-rate “quality” flags such as those of Portugal (EU) or Antigua and Barbuda.

And finally, the high quota of “re-joiners” (that is crew members who sign on again) speaks for itself: more than 70 percent of sailors who leave the Danz und Tietjens ships sign-on again under the Danz & Tietjens flag.