From freight sailing vessel to modern tonnage

Each of the Danz and Tietjens families in Burg, Germany can look back on a seafaring tradition that stretches back more than one hundred years. In 1824 the Tietjens family was referred to as mariners for the first time in the Burg chronicle. And in 1870 the freight sailing vessel “Lothringia” was built at a Burg shipyard by order of the Danz family.Today, both families look back on several generations of captains and marine engineers and have grown from coastal mariners to a modern shipping company.

Captain Karl-Heinrich Danz accelerated the development during the post-war period launching a total of ten short to medium-haul ships between 1954 and 1978 mainly at the shipyard in Husum but also at the J.J. Sietas shipyard in Hamburg.

A total of 35 modern container ships and bulk carriers have been commissioned, sold and/or purchased since then and are employed in worldwide trading.

In a seamless transition under the management of the marine engineer Reinhard Danz and Capt. Hans Rudolf Tietjens, the next generation founded the company Danz und Tietjens Schiffahrts KG in 1982 laying the foundation for the present international shipping company. Today the company is still family owned and family run by Joerg Jacobsen, son-in-law of Hans-Rudolf Tietjens, and Capt. Hendrik Danz, first born son of the late Reinhard Danz.

The company currently employs a staff of about 200 at sea and has its long-established headquarters in a modern office building in Burg/Dithmarschen near the Kiel-Canal.

1920 FORTUNA later renamed REINA

1920 FORTUNA later renamed REINA

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